ISU Field Camp

This summer, don’t miss an opportunity to study some of the most spectacular textbook geology in the world with friendly staff in a setting that assures you of one of the best academic learning experiences of your life.

The Iowa State University Geology Field Camp, offered in cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, focuses on applied geology and will help you compete for jobs in the real world or for positions in geology graduate programs! Our welcoming environment encourages learning in a positive
atmosphere. At least three permanent instructional staff members from Iowa State or the University of Nebraska are present at all times, in addition to graduate teaching assistants. Areas of expertise of the staff members include stratigraphy and sedimentation, surficial processes, structural geology and tectonics, and igneous and metamorphic petrology. We also have guest instructors from the petroleum industry who oversee an exercise on sedimentary facies interpretation as applied to petroleum exploration and who also give up-to-date information on how to get jobs in industry.

Field camp is the best opportunity you’ll have to be immersed in geology, to learn how to interpret the rock and fossil record, “see” in three dimensions, make and read geologic maps, and evaluate the data used to make maps. Students enter our program knowing some geology – they leave it with a real understanding of the practical applications of geologic knowledge.

The Geology Field Camp is held at the Carl F. Vondra Geology Field Station in the beautiful Bighorn Basin, nestled up against the magnificent Bighorn Mountains!